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The 4th Cathay Pacific “I Can Fly” Programme 2009-2010 Programme Details

27 Feb 2010


"I Can Fly" is a unique education concept that aims to nurture an enthusiasm for aviation and the spirit of social service among local young people. Cathay Pacific wants to inspire young people to spread their wings, reach for their goals and lend a helping hand to others in their community. In the coming year, the programme will not only feature Aviation and Social Services, but will also include new elements to help bring the message of adopting a Healthy Lifestyle to young people.

Since the programme was first run in 2003, 1,000 members have been recruited every year, and were guided by about one hundred Cathay Pacific staff from various departments. Given limited resources, it was difficult for volunteers to provide sufficient time and attention to all members, and for supporting organisations to offer activities to all 1,000 members. Therefore it was decided early last year to revamp the programme to include a wider variety of engaging activities, enabling each and every member to have a more comprehensive and in-depth learning opportunity.

The first step for the revamp was to be more selective with the intake and recruit 100 members. With a more flexible group size, a larger variety of activities could be accommodated, including those that could not have been possible with a large group, such as training camps. Due to the financial crisis in 2009 and the need to preserve cash, the programme was delayed until February 2010.

Programme period
The fourth “I Can Fly” will run from February to August 2010. To make it easier for members and staff volunteers to get involved, activities will be scheduled mainly on weekends.

- 100 student members aged between 15 and 18 selected from local secondary students
- 28 Cathay Pacific pilots and staff leaders
- 10 alumni coordinators drawn from previous “I Can Fly” programmes

The participants will be divided into 5 groups, each of which will consist of 20 student members. The groups will be led by 4 staff leaders and 2 alumni coordinators. Eight pilot leaders will also act as mentors for the members throughout the programme.

Major activities
Inaugural Ceremony
- All members and leaders will gather at Cathay Pacific’s Hong Kong headquarters Cathay City to take part in ice-breaking activities to help them get to know more about each other. They will also take a tour of Cathay City to understand more the airline.
- Members will also take part in an Inaugural Ceremony which marks the start of the programme.

Training Camp (*new activity)
- A three days/two nights activity which all members, staff leaders and alumni coordinators have to join. Activities include:
1. Ground School Training – Flight Operations
The flight operations training, tailormade by Cathay Pacific pilots, teaches members basic aviation and flying knowledge. Apart from attending lectures, the members will also participate in interactive games and activities.
2. Healthy Lifestyle / Photography Workshop (*new activity)
This fun, interesting workshop is designed to teach students how to lead a healthier lifestyle. The photography workshop will enhance the learning process by teaching the students how to look at things from a different perspective.
3. Paper Plane Flying Competition (*new activity)
Members will learn basic aerodynamics and apply that knowledge to making their own paper planes. The activity will include a series of fun Paper Plane Flying Competitions.
4. Pilot gathering.
5. Team building exercises (*new activity).

Ground School Training – Inflight Services (*new activity)
- The inflight services training will be held at the mock-up cabin in Cathay City, where Cathay Pacific flight attendants will teach members  customer servicing skills and basic inflight servicing operations.

Aviation-related Visits
- Members will visit the Air Traffic Control Tower, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, and the Government Flying Service base.

Self-designed Social Service Programme (SSSP)
- Each group will be asked to use their newly-acquired knowledge to design a creative social service activity for an organisation that helps people in need

Graduation Ceremony
- At the end of the programme, members and leaders will celebrate at a graduation ceremony with awards presented to outstanding members.

Overseas Trips
- To encourage members’ participation and enthusiasm, all members will have the chance to take part in one overseas activity during the summer of 2010. These include learning how to fly a jet at Adelaide’s FTA Flying School, visiting the Boeing assembly line in Seattle, or visiting the Airbus assembly line and Civil Aviation University of China in Tianjin.
Programme Schedule

 Date Event 
27 Feb 2010 (Sat) Inaugural Ceremony
Feb – July

Programme activities include:

- Training Camp

- Ground School (Flight Operations and Inflight Services)

- Aviation Facilities Visit

- Healthy Lifestyle / Photography Workshop

- Paper plane flying competition


- Pilot gatherings

10 Jul 2010 (Sat) Graduation Ceremony
Summer 2010 Overseas Trips