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Boarding pass

I received the Mobile Boarding Pass link from the SMS and/or email. At the airport, why couldn’t I retrieve the Mobile Boarding Pass showing the QR code after I clicked at the hyperlink? It returned with an error instead.

The SMS or email is NOT the Mobile Boarding Pass. You must click at the hyperlink provided in order to get the mobile boarding pass. This is also important to let us know you are confirming to travel with your flight. However, if you click at the hyperlink after the airport check-in counter is closed especially when you are coming late at the airport, you will possibly receive this error message.

We strongly advise you to click at the hyperlink immediately after you checked in online and received the SMS and/or email. If you failed to do so but click at the hyperlink after the airport check-in counter closure time, you will be treated as a having checked-in online but NO-SHOW passenger.