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Cathay Pacific response on HKIA three-runway system operation and safety concerns

10 Jul 2012

In response to media reports of an opinion on the three-runway system proposal put forward by the Hong Kong Airport Authority(HKAA), Cathay Pacific stressed that the proposal is in strict compliance of the obstacle clearance standard set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Cathay Pacific General Manager Operations Captain Russell Davie said: “as the main home carrier in Hong Kong with an operation involving more than 400 flights into and out of Hong Kong International Airport every day, safety is always our top priority.

“Indeed, during the drafting of Master Plan 2030, HKAA and its consultant NATS have made sure that the location and the orientation of the third runway are in full compliance with safety requirements set out by ICAO circular 8168, and that the flight paths would meet the obstacle clearance requirements.

“We will continue to engage with various stakeholders and provide our professional opinion on the issue,” said Captain Davie.