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At the airport

Information for passengers travelling with pets on Cathay Pacific - what happens to animals from check-in to airport arrival

We are currently not accepting new bookings for pets travelling as check-in baggage until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Alternatively, you may transport your pet with Cathay Pacific Cargo.

Please contact your local Cathay Pacific Cargo office for more information and assistance.

Please arrive at the airport and check in at least three hours before your flight. Be sure that your pet is in its container and you have all your original pet travel documents with you.

1. Once your pet has been checked-in, it will be loaded into the cargo bulk compartment of the aircraft.

2. Your pet’s container will be carefully secured. We will make sure the temperature is just right and there is enough ventilation.

3. Upon arrival, your pet will be treated as special baggage and you’ll be reunited as soon as possible.