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Travel insurance

Chubb Insurance offers extensive and innovative insurance protection designed to meet your ever-changing needs.

Different plans to suit your needs

Chubb Premier Travel Cover (single or annual cover)

With Chubb Premier Travel Cover, you can help protect yourself or your family and friends every time you travel.

Remark: Travel insurance premium is collected and charged by Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited through the Chubb Insurance website. Please contact Chubb directly for any customer queries regarding insurance plan details, charges or making a claim.

When am I covered?

Single trip cover
One-Way Plan: 3 hours before departure till arrival at destination
Round-Trip Plan: Maximum coverage of 180 days per trip

Annual cover
For frequent travellers, be covered for your travels during the policy year.
Annual Multi-Trip Plan: Maximum coverage of 90 days per trip for an unlimited number of trips within the policy year


Who is covered?

Single trip cover
Coverage is valid for the insured person, regardless of nationality, for the purpose of leisure travel or business trip (administrative and clerical works only).

Annual cover
Individual Plan: HKID holder (18 to 70 years old)
Family Plan: For adults, HKID holder (18 to 70 years old)
                         For children, HKID holder (0 to 17 years old)


What is covered?

Besides the benefits mentioned before, you will also enjoy benefits such as (for both single and annual cover):

  • Personal accident
  • Personal property and money
  • Trip cancellation
  • Travel delay

For the complete list of benefits, click here.