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    Marco Polo Club Members' Choice Awards 2019: Asia's most liveable city
    Where to find that perfect balance of culture, cost, convenience and quality of life? Read on for the winner and shortlist for Asia's most liveable city in the 2019 Marco Polo Club Members' Choice Awards
    Marco Polo Members Awards for Asia's most liveable city
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    Most liveable city

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    Asia’s Most Liveable City

    Winner: Taipei

    This friendly Asian city has a relatively low cost of living – and with an economy that continues to grow, excellent healthcare and infrastructure, and plenty of recreation for citizens, Marco Polo Club members agree that it’s a very good place to be.

    ‘Taipei has great work-life balance, a slow pace and friendly people. It’s also blazing a trail for liberal Asia, is home to a lot of South East Asians, and is becoming more welcoming to immigration.’ – James Chambers, Hong Kong bureau chief for Monocle magazine and part of our panel of travel experts

    Asia’s Most Liveable City Shortlist


    The Garden City features plentiful green space, low pollution and high levels of safety. There’s also a good business environment, low unemployment, good infrastructure and an array of entertainment options and cultural offerings.


    Unemployment, pollution and crime all remain low in Tokyo, and while living costs are high, it boasts excellent, punctual transportation, plenty of entertainment and leisure and a round-the-clock economy.

    Hong Kong

    Living costs – particularly rent – may be high, but work prospects are good in this economic hub which has a high life expectancy, a growing cultural and creative scene, lifestyle options galore, and easy access to country parks and natural beauty.


    With recent infrastructure improvements and increased efforts to combat air pollution, as well as a burgeoning economy and alluring entertainment and cultural offering, Shanghai has plenty to draw people to it.


    This economic and cultural hub in the west of China has plenty to offer with history, heritage and nature, as well as contemporary culture and an enticing culinary scene.


    Known as a retreat for China’s wealthy, Hangzhou is developing as a centre of tech and e-commerce. Along with its improving economy, the well-connected lake city boasts canals, picturesque waterways, temples and tea plantations.


    High on culture and low on crime, Kyoto’s traditional beauty charms, while its good transportation links and connectivity, business freedom and low unemployment make it an appealing city to make one’s home.

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