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    Marco Polo Club Members' Choice Awards 2019: Asia's most progressive city
    Forward-thinking policies, efficiency and sustainability. These are the hallmarks of the winner and shortlist for Asia's most progressive city in the 2019 Marco Polo Club Members' Choice Award
    Marco Polo Members Awards most progressive city
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    Marina bay sands at night. Credit: Getty Images

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    Asia’s Most Progressive City

    Winner: Singapore

    Singapore boasts a business-friendly economy, high quality education system and an exemplary green city living model – and it’s maintaining future appeal by focusing on sustainable development and investment in a thriving tech sector.

    ‘Over the past few years Singapore’s can-do attitude and forward-thinking vision have re-established the country as a leading destination in Asia.’ –Alison Gilmore, international business development professional and part of our panel of travel experts

    Asia’s Most Progressive City Shortlist

    Hong Kong

    One of the world’s leading financial centres, Hong Kong is a pro-business environment that offers high-tech infrastructure and good regulations. The city’s high-density architecture is also balanced by sprawling country parks.


    A special economic zone, Shenzhen has undergone rapid urbanisation to become one of the world’s leading tech cities, all the while doing its bit to battle air pollution and become one of China’s most sustainable cities.


    It may have been named World Design Capital in 2010, but Seoul remains committed to achieving economic, social and cultural development through design, thereby improving the life of its citizens.


    One of China’s most liveable cities, Chengdu is a hub for creativity and home to a vibrant LGBTIQ+ scene. It is developing with an eye on the environment and ambitions to become a true ‘park city’.


    World Design Capital in 2016, Taipei is pioneering a design-led revolution in the city, with infrastructure improvements underway that focus on green energy and more sustainable transport.


    In a rapidly growing city, Bangkok is focused on developing the right way, achieving environmentally friendly urbanisation and improving its resilience while also incorporating technology to solve fundamental issues.

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