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    Marco Polo Club Members' Choice Awards 2018: Best Asian wilderness adventure
    We reveal the winner and shortlist for best Asian wilderness adventure in the Experiences category, as chosen in the 2018 Marco Polo Club Members' Choice Awards by Cathay Pacific's most frequent flyers
    Marco Polo Club Members Choice Awards, best Asian wilderness adventure
    Credit: Chandrabhal Singh / Getty Images
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    Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park (Nepal)

    Experiences: Best Asian wilderness adventure

    Winner: Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park (Nepal)

    Marco Polo Club members are an intrepid bunch, judging by the thousands of responses that ranked safaris in Sumatra to tiger spotting in Rajasthan. But the number one adventure spot went to jungle safaris in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park. Amid the dense forest and grassy plains, adventurers can seek out rare one-horned rhinos, giant hornbills and the endangered Bengal tiger – though happily, conservation efforts have seen numbers of these jungle cats almost double in the past decade.

    Experiences: Best Asian Wilderness Adventure Shortlist

    Jungle safari in Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal (India)

    This large coastal mangrove forest is another refuge for the Bengal tiger, and sits in the fertile delta formed by the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers. Boat trips through the park can reveal a number of other animals, including saltwater crocodiles, Ganges river dolphins and monitor lizards.

    Jungle safari, Sumatra (Indonesia)

    The large island in western Indonesia is known for jungles and diverse wildlife, with the possibility of spotting magnificent creatures from red-haired orangutans to rhinoceroses and elephants, plus exciting landscapes ranging from smouldering volcanoes to white water rapids.

    Snow leopard spotting, Ladakh (India)

    In addition to the spectacular Himalayan scenery, travellers to Ladakh are given the chance to spot the most elusive of big cats: the mountain-dwelling snow leopard.

    Tiger spotting in Suján Jawai Leopard Camp, Rajasthan (India)

    Forget glamping, the Relais & Châteaux conservation camps take luxury tents to another level. As well as the arresting wilderness views and leopard spotting excursions, guests can shadow local shepherds, visit rural temples and take classes in learning how to make Rajasthan’s rich cuisine.

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