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    Cathay Pacific
    Marco Polo Club Members' Choice Awards 2019: Asia's best airport
    The winner and shortlist for Asia's best airport in the 2019 Marco Polo Club Members' Choice Awards excel in seamless service, easy navigation and the very best dining, tech and leisure
    Marco Polo Club Members Choice Awards, Asia's best airport. Credit: Getty Images
    Credit: Getty Images
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    Hong Kong Airport

    Asia's Best Airport

    Winner: Hong Kong International Airport

    Hong Kong airport offers some of the region’s best airport dining, but in truth it wins out thanks to the efficient security, speedy baggage handling and excellent special needs access.

    ‘From walking through the doors to walking into a lounge, my personal record is something like 12 minutes. That’s how to run an airport.’ –Adam White, group editor of Cathay’s inflight magazines, and part of our panel of travel experts

    Asia’s Best Airport Shortlist

    Changi Airport, Singapore

    Changi is so much more than an airport, and its recent Jewel development adds even more – trampoline, hedge maze, kids’ park, giant waterfall – to an offering that includes rooftop pool, butterfly garden and cinema on top of outstanding efficiency.

    Haneda Airport, Tokyo

    With easy access to the city and an exceptional dining offering with outlets by some of Tokyo’s best eateries, Haneda is also one of the world’s cleanest airports and can boast near-perfect on-time performance.

    Incheon International Airport, Seoul

    Incheon focuses on safety and service, and the latter, in particular, sets it apart with free massage chairs, sleeping areas, kids’ play space, free city tours for long layovers, craft and entertainment areas, ice skating rink and more.

    Narita International Airport, Tokyo

    Easily accessible via express train to Tokyo, Narita also allows for trouble-free travel with NariCo, a voice-activated airport assistant app. There are also fantastic dining options and almost every flight arrives and departs on time.

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