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Terms and Conditions

  1. Instant lounge access is only valid on the day of travel for members and/or their travel companions.
  2. Lounge access payment by credit card is applicable to all members for the selected Cathay Pacific lounges only.
  3. Members must hold a valid booking on Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon to enjoy paid access to the selected lounges.
  4. Lounge access payment by credit card is applicable for any travel companion, friend or family member, and not limited to those in the member’s Redemption Group.
  5. Lounge access is subject to capacity restrictions.
  6. Selected credit cards are not accepted for this offer. Please check with the lounge staff at the time of payment.
  7. Cash payment is not accepted.
  8. No maximum or minimum number of lounge access transactions is required.
  9. No discount is available for children or senior citizens. Lounge access is free for children under 2.
  10. Lounge access is for one-time entry only.
  11. Members and/or their travel companions paying for lounge access by credit card have the same privileges and benefits as other patrons of the lounge.
  12. Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon reserve the right to withdraw/limit the availability of the lounge access benefit from time to time.
  13. Other Marco Polo Club terms and conditions apply.