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The departments within our Corporate Planning group are integral to the smooth running of our fleet and to upholding the world-class reputation of our airline – from the Airline Planning team that manages our complex passenger network, to the Corporate Quality specialists who ensure that safety remains our number one priority.

With responsibility for the movement of 138 wide-bodied aircraft between 174 destinations in 41 countries and territories, our Airline Planning team makes major planning decisions that impact our entire operation.

Our Managers and Assistant Managers have high profile responsibility for planning, evaluating and co-ordinating the acquisition and deployment of aircraft as to maintain a competitive passenger route network. Bring your analytical and problem-solving skills to our team and you could take on interesting challenges such as developing flight schedules, fleet planning, assessing the feasibility of new routes and appraising aircraft investments.

To maintain our reputation as one of the world's leading airline, safety needs to be our top priority. That's why we make a substantial investment in the careers of the operational safety and risk specialists who ensure that our every move, both in the air and on the ground, is made at the lowest possible risk.

Corporate Quality has ownership of three key areas: Operational Safety and Risk (Flight Safety), Operational Risk Management, and Occupational Health and Safety. It is also responsible for facilitating our Risk based Safety Management System (SMS) across the business.