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General terms and conditions
General terms and conditions
I agree to the terms and conditions Open a new window associated with online purchasing from this Cathay Pacific Airways website, and in purchasing, I am entering into a contract with Cathay Pacific Airways, at Cathay Pacific City, Hong Kong International Airport.Also, I accept the applicable conditions of carriage Open a new window.
I affirm that I have read and understood the Cathay Pacific Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, processing, use, storage, access and transfer of my personal data as described in Data Privacy and Security Policy Open a new window.
I affirm that I have read and understand the restrictions on prohibited materials in baggage Open a new window.
I agree to the notice Air Carrier Liability for Passengers and their Baggage Open a new window.
I agree to comply with the restrictions on carriage of Lithium Batteries in Baggage Open a new window.
I affirm that I fulfil the safety requirements for occupying an Extra-legroom seat and agree to the terms and conditions. (Please refer to the full details and safety requirements on Extra-legroom seating Open a new window).