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Different plans to suit your needs


ACE Premier Travel Cover

With ACE Premier Travel Cover, you can protect yourself or your family every time you travel.

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Remark: Travel insurance premium is collected and charged by ACE European Group Limited, on ACE website. For any customer queries regarding insurance plan details, charges or making a claim, please contact ACE directly.

When am I covered?

Single trip cover
Coverage is available for a one-way journey or a round-trip journey.

One-Way Plan: Coverage ends 3 hours after arriving at your final destination and travel time to final destination must not exceed 5 days.

Round-Trip Plan: Maximum coverage of 30 days per trip.


Who is covered?

Coverage is valid for the policy holder/insured person, who are UK residents, for the purpose of leisure travel. The Policyholder must be resident in the United Kingdom and aged 18 - 65. All other insured persons must be aged 65 or under and resident in the United Kingdom.


What is covered?

Besides the benefits mentioned before, you will also enjoy benefits such as:

  • Personal accident
  • Personal property and money
  • Trip cancellation
  • Personal liability

Please note that benefit limits and excesses apply on certain benefits. Claims arising as a result of pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. See policy wording for the full terms and conditions of your coverage, as well as the limits, excesses, and exclusions that apply.

For the complete list of benefits, click here .