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Dragonair partners with Xin Dau Ji to feature authentic Hong Kong cuisine on new inflight menu

27 May 2014

(HONG KONG) Dragonair today announced the introduction of a new inflight menu featuring authentic Hong Kong-style dishes inspired by popular local restaurant Xin Dau Ji. From today until mid-April 2015, the new menu will be offered to passengers in all classes on selected Dragonair flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai, to First and Business Class passengers to Taipei and Kaohsiung, and to Business Class passengers flying to Chengdu, Hangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao and Fukuoka. 

Dragonair has received wide acclaim for the quality of its inflight dining. The airline endeavours to provide a wide range of food options and has worked with a variety of well-known restaurants to create innovative menus for its passengers. Xin Dau Ji is famous for its authentic interpretations of traditional Cantonese cuisine. A selection of the restaurant’s signature dishes has been specially chosen for the Dragonair menu, aiming to convey the aromas and flavours of local dishes for the pleasure of the travelling public.

Speaking at a tasting event organised for the media today, Dragonair General Manager Inflight Services Andy Wong said: “Dragonair is delighted to partner with Xin Dau Ji to create a menu featuring local specialities, offering the opportunity for travellers from different places to enjoy a true taste of Hong Kong in the air. Dragonair always strives to offer a high-quality inflight dining experience and has run many dining promotions over the years. We expect the Xin Dau Ji menu to be well-received by our customers.”

The new menu includes several signature dishes from Xin Dau Ji including the popular traditional “Pan-fried minced pork and lotus root cake”, the chef-recommended “Deep-fried fish fillet with sweet corn sauce” and “Sweet and sour pork rib with pineapple”.  

The sauce is of the essence for the traditional dish “Chilled pork belly with garlic”. Xin Dau Ji has its own secret sauce recipe for US Kurobuta pork to enhance both the aroma and taste of the dish. “Braised beef cheek with matsutake, bailing mushroom and celtuce” features two delicious and nutrient-rich ingredients, matsutake (pine mushrooms) and celtuce, that are well-suited for those pursuing a healthy diet.

About Xin Dau Ji

Xin Dau Ji strives to serve authentic, traditional Cantonese cuisine and prides itself on its sincere, responsive and friendly service, outstanding dishes and exquisite dim sum. The restaurant group’s first shop in Jordan was awarded a Michelin star in 2012-2013 for its outstanding food and service. The group has nine branches across Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, positioning itself as one of the best Cantonese restaurants in town. Xin Dau Ji is famed for its signature roasted suckling pig, where delicately sliced meat is served with just the right amount of fat and crispy skin. The crispy and juicy deep-fried fish fillet in sweet corn sauce is another unforgettable choice.