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Cathay Pacific takes Hong Kong’s new Dragon to the world

27 Mar 2010

A brand-new Cathay Pacific aircraft featuring the updated Brand Hong Kong identity as part of its livery will take its maiden flight next month, carrying the visual embodiment of the spirit of Hong Kong around the world.

Cathay Pacific announced that the updated Brand Hong Kong logo, unveiled today by the Hong Kong SAR Government, will be placed on the side of all current and future aircraft in the airline’s fleet.
The logo will shine proudly in a prominent position by the aircraft’s front door, helping to spread the spirit of Hong Kong around the world and at the same time reaffirming Cathay Pacific’s commitment to the city that has been its home for more than 60 years.

Cathay Pacific already features the existing logo on the 126 aircraft in its fleet. The airline will soon begin to gradually replace all the existing logos with the new branding, with the first aircraft featuring the new design expected to operate from Hong Kong to Los Angeles on 22 April. The Honourable John Tsang, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR Government, will attend a ceremony to unveil the logo on the aircraft before the flight departs.
All 30 aircraft Cathay Pacific will take delivery of over the next three years will arrive with the new logo as an integral part of the livery.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Tony Tyler said: “Cathay Pacific has been the home carrier of Hong Kong since 1946 and we have played a very important role in helping to develop the city’s position as one of the world’s leading international aviation hubs. By placing the updated Brand Hong Kong identity on our aircraft we are telling the world that we back Hong Kong and that we are proud to be an integral part of Asia’s world city.”