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Earn with our affiliate programme

This is our Cathay Pacific Affiliate Marketing programme. You can just sign up and start earning commission on flight bookings made on cathaypacific.com right away.

This affiliate setup is an advertising programme that rewards site owners for displaying Cathay Pacific affiliate advertisements on their sites that link directly to cathaypacific.com. Hence, this programme is not open for travel agents.


After you join, you will earn commission on qualifying transactions for valid UK flight bookings made on cathaypacific.com/cx/en_GB. Such qualifying transaction must take place within the cookie period and your link must be the first one used to direct the customer to make their booking on cathaypacific.com.

What can you earn?

Flights 1% for 1-5 bookings
2% for 6+ bookings
Cash back affiliates: 1% flat rate

You will not earn commission:

  • On booking taxes and surcharges.
  • If the transaction is not made within the cathaypacific.com booking engine.
  • If the transaction is generated by a link that does not contain the correct tracking code.
  • If the booking is cancelled within 30 days of transaction.

Why sign up with us?

It is free to sign up. Our real-time tracking and reporting function will ensure you will be paid commission on any valid booking that is made on cathaypacific.com. The network we use for this programme, Affiliate Future, makes two commission payments a month. If you are interested in joining our programme, please read our Cathay Pacific Affiliate Marketing agreement. Then simply follow the link of the network and complete the application form. There is no obligation, and you can leave the programme at any time.

The affiliate sites we are looking for must:

  • Be compatible with our Cathay Pacific brand.
  • Be compatible with cathaypacific.com.
  • Contain no offensive or controversial content.

As an affiliate, you must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the programme. Please ensure to have the affiliate links on your website updated often enough. Always include your affiliate network tracking code in your links, so that your sales are tracked and credited properly. With real-time tracking and reporting, you can log on to the network and check your commission any time.

Note: The following types of promotion are not allowed for the programme:

  • Using our brand or misspellings of our brand in paid search activity.
  • Using incentives of cashback, voucher codes, points or mileage for bookings.
  • Use of software.

We will carefully review your application. However, we fully reserve the right to turn down any application at our discretion.

Links and banners you can use

Once you've signed up, you will be provided a selection of cathaypacific.com logos and buttons to use. You can include our logo on your site so customers from your website know they are making a purchase from Cathay Pacific. However, you are not allowed to amend the logo in any way.

You can also choose from the cathaypacific.com ads and links provided to compliment the theme of your website. Including multiple links from your site to cathaypacific.com is fine if you see a real need for it.

We have made ready for you and provide you access to all the resources you need, including merchandising ideas, graphics, and links for your participation in our affiliate programme.