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We are committed to ensure our website to be as usable as possible for our customers and have considered special needs of people with visual impairment.

In general, text size on our pages can be enlarged by clicking the "[+] Enlarge text" button on the header of the page while you can also adjust the text size through your browser:

Supported browsers How to adjust text size
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (Windows Vista) and above
  • View > Text Size
  • Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility
  • Control key and + or - to increase or decrease text size
Mozilla Firefox 12 and above
  • View > Text Size > Increase Font
  • Control key and + or - to increase or decrease text size
Safari 6 and above (Mac)
  • Safari > Preferences > Advanced > minimum font size to display
  • Command key and  + or - to increase or decrease text size
Chrome 31 and above
  • Customize and control Google Chrome > Zoom
  • Control key and + or - to increase or decrease text size

Some operating systems support accessibility features that can magnify the screen or read out the text, you should find these features work well with our website.

Our website supports JAWS, screen reading software for visually impaired users. Please refer to JAWS’s official site for more details and usage guidelines.