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Flights to Hong Kong   

Everything you need to know about arriving in Hong Kong, from Hong Kong International Airport arrangements to  COVID-19 testing. 

We’re here to ensure your arrival into Hong Kong goes as smoothly as possible. For the most updated information please refer to the official GovHKOpen a new windowpage.

Prior to landing in Hong Kong, download the StayHomeSafe app on your phone and complete the Hong Kong health declaration and quarantine form onlineOpen a new window in advance. (This form can also be accessed free of charge inflight via our login portal on all WiFi enabled aircraft.)

Upon arrival, catch the people mover to Midfield Concourse. You’ll go through a temperature scan and security check . (This will not affect any duty free purchases you made!)  You’ll then enter the test area, where government health officials will:

  • Check your completed Hong Kong health declaration and quarantine form. You will be given a wristband, which can be connected to the StayHomeSafe app by scanning the QR code. Make sure you have a working phone number.
  • Check your supporting medical documentation if you are coming from or have transited through Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom or the United States.
  • Confirm you have a hotel reservation at one of the designated hotels starting on the day of your arrival - unless you are coming from the Chinese mainland, Macao or Taiwan, in which case you can quarantine at home.

In the testing area, you will:

  • Have your documents and forms checked
  • Have a combined nasal and throat swab sample taken by medical professionals
  • Proceed to the waiting area to await your results

You will wait in Midfield Concourse for your results. The wait will be approximately 4 hours.

  • You will be not be able to access your checked-in baggage.
  • You will be given a table and chair for the wait.
  • You will be provided with a sandwich – there is a vegetarian option.
  • Bottled water is available near the entrance. No hot water is available.
  • If you receive a negative result, your quarantine form will be returned to you. Board a shuttle bus to Terminal 1 for immigration, customs and baggage reclaim. Keep your forms handy – you will show them one last time after exiting the Customs area. Proceed to the arrivals hall and follow the instructions provided.   You will not be allowed to take your own transport to the hotel dedicated transport direct to your quarantine hotel will be provided.
  • If you receive a positive result, you will be guided by health officials on the next steps.

When you arrive at your designated quarantine hotel:

  • Activate your StayHomeSafe app to inform it that you have arrived.
  • Follow the instructions to walk around your room.
  • Measure and record your temperature twice a day.
  • On the 11th day of quarantine, the Department of Health will provide you with a testing kit for your second sample. This will be collected the following day.
  • On the 19th or 20th day following your arrival into Hong Kong, you will undergo another test in accordance with the instructions provided.

Travel tips

Some useful tips for the arrival process into Hong Kong

Arrive early

We may have to contact Hong Kong Immigration to ensure that you are allowed into Hong Kong. Arrive 2-3 hours ahead of your flight. Some terminals and counters may be consolidated at certain airports.

Plan your luggage

You won't be able to access your baggage until leaving the airport. Make sure your carry-on baggage contains what you'll need. 

Bring a folder or bag

You will be given multiple forms and documents as you arrive, and these will be regularly checked. Make sure you have them easily available

Prep your phone and cash

Ensure you have a working number, and that you’ve downloaded the StayHomeSafe app. There is free Wi-Fi in the airport. Get your currency before you fly; if not there is an ATM by the baggage carousels.

Tips for the wait

Stay comfortable at Midfield Concourse 

Stay powered

Make sure you have enough battery to get through the waiting period. Bring battery packs and make sure they are charged. 

Bring layers

The waiting area can get cold. Bring multiple layers to stay warm –and act as cushioning for your seat, as well.

Pack for kids

Pack a tent or portable playpen, which you will be able to use while waiting. For younger children, there is a nursing area in the waiting room.

Bring snacks

You will be given a sandwich during your wait, with a vegetarian option. Bring snacks – especially if you have dietary needs.

Essential information before you travel