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Cathay Pacific hopes to clear most stranded passengers in London by Christmas (1830 HKT) (Translation)

22 Dec 2010

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced that the second additional flight for stranded passengers in London departing from Manchester Airport is expected to start boarding within hours. The airline hopes that the three extra flights it is operating, along with its scheduled services, should be able to bring most stranded students and passengers back to Hong Kong by Christmas.

The first extra flight, CX2250, carrying about 300 passengers from London - mostly young students - departed Manchester midnight yesterday UK time and is expected to arrive at Hong Kong International Airport around 8 pm HK time.

The second extra flight, CX2252, is tentatively scheduled to take off from Manchester Airport at about 1 pm today UK time, also carrying some 300 young students and passengers from London. Among them are about 80 non-CX-ticket holding students who boarded the flight under the arrangement of the HKSAR Government. The flight is expected to arrive at Hong Kong about 8 am tomorrow (23 December).

The third extra flight, CX8250, is tentatively scheduled to fly out from London Heathrow at 2.30 pm on 23 December UK time and is expected to arrive Hong Kong about 10 am on 24 December Hong Kong time.

The exact departure and arrival schedule of these extra flights is subject to change. Please check the status of these flights at the airline’s website, www.cathaypacific.com.

“We expect that the three extra flights along with the four daily scheduled flights from London would help clear the backlog of stranded passengers in London, including the some 400 young students and passengers with special needs in our care at the Park Inn Hotel,” a Cathay Pacific spokesman said.

The special hotline (2747-8999) for concerned parents of young students on Cathay Pacific flights will operate until 10 pm HK time today before standing down as services resume normal.

The spokesperson also reminded passengers without any confirmed bookings NOT to go to the airport. They should always check the latest flight status at the airline’s website, www.cathaypacific.com before going to the airport and to input their contact details in the Manage My Booking function at the website to ensure they get the latest flight information via SMS or email.