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Cathay Pacific gives passengers a real taste of home with authentic Hong Kong cuisine inflight

01 Jun 2010

Cathay Pacific Airways is featuring a variety of its “Cathay Pacific Signature Dishes” on flights this year, bringing Hong Kong passengers a true taste of home as they enjoy classic local dishes during their journeys, and at the same introducing authentic flavours from the airline's home city to passengers from around the world.

Starting early this year, Cathay Pacific Signature Dishes has been introducing phase by phase a selection of local Hong Kong favourites that are truly authentic in taste and appearance, including congee, hot pot rice, noodle soups and Chinese desserts. The signature dishes are being served in rotation throughout the year in First and Business Class cabins.

Eleven different types of home-style congee are being served for the first time in First and Business Class. Among the varieties on offer are braised preserved vegetable pork rib congee, shredded chicken with bean curd skin congee, and dried bonito and peanut congee.

The hot pot rice, offered in First Class, featured all the traditional elements of the dish including a crispy rice base and infused flavours from various toppings such as minced pork patty with mui choy vegetables, chicken and mushroom with Chinese sausage, and spareribs in black bean sauce.

Cathay Pacific’s renowned noodle soups are also offered in First and Business Class, such as shui gow with rice vermicelli, shrimp wonton noodle, barbequed duck with lai fun noodle, and beef brisket noodle. Traditionally prepared wonton and shui gow dumplings together with fresh soup stocks prepared with top-quality ingredients will allow passengers to savour the authentic tastes of Hong Kong.

Chinese sweet soup desserts, freshly prepared in the flight kitchens, will be introduced on Cathay Pacific flights for the first time in August. Double boiled papaya with snow fungus sweet soup, lotus seed paste sweet soup, and green bean and rice dumpling sweet soup are a few of the desserts that will give passengers a taste of home, sweet home.

Cathay Pacific Manager Catering Services Charles Grossrieder said: “As Hong Kong’s home carrier we are proud to serve the best of Hong Kong’s rich and diverse cuisine on our flights. Our aim is to provide a feeling of home for local passengers and at the same introduce new and exciting tastes to travellers from around the world.”