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Company registration & account

A representative can sign up for Corporate Travel Solutions on behalf of the company when he/she agrees to the terms and conditions of the Corporate Travel Solutions Travel Agreement.

In most cases, the representative signing up for the Corporate Travel Solutions account will be the Travel Manager of the company. Please refer to “Travel Manager” section in this document for more details.

The Corporate Travel Solutions Travel Agreement is a legal document and the applicant must agree to these terms before registration can be completed.

The following is required:

  • General information about your company such as name, address, telephone, number of travellers
  • Assignment of Travel Manager ID (to log in to the system and manage this Corporate Travel Solutions account)
  • Travel information such as popular destinations your travellers fly to, class of service and annual spend on corporate travel

All required fields must be filled out before the registration form can be accepted.

You will be notified through email if your application for Corporate Travel Solutions is successful.

You will be notified of the status of your application via email within 5 working days from date of registration.

After your registration has been approved by our support team, your company will be assigned a unique Corporate Group ID/password. By inputting its Corporate Group ID/password when they register as Corporate Travel Solutions travellers, your employees will be able to attach themselves to and enjoy the exclusive rates offered to this Corporate Travel Solutions account/company.

In future communications with our support team, quoting this unique Corporate Group ID will avoid confusions between similar company names.

Yes. At the time of approving a Corporate Travel Solutions registration, our support team will assign an expiry date to each Corporate Travel Solutions account, which will be indicated in the Financial Offer Email. The length of term will be in line with regular commercial arrangements according to local practice (e.g. 6 months or 1 year).

Yes, there is an expiry date to your Corporate Travel Solutions fares. Please refer to fare conditions for the expiry date. Fares are subject to change without prior notification; please login to your Corporate Travel Solutions account for the latest fares. You will be able to enjoy the Corporate Travel Solutions fares as long as the company account has not expired or terminated.

We will review each expiring Corporate Travel Solutions account and decide if the account will be renewed for another term based on your company's travel spend on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon in the last contract term. Both renewing and terminating accounts will be advised via email.

No. Each company should register for one account only, as additional accounts will not provide any extra benefits for the involved company and will distort its actual performance. Please note that travellers are only allowed to be attached to one Corporate Travel Solutions account/company only.

Cathay Pacific reserves the right to terminate all duplicate accounts.

The number of travellers will be set according to the profile and travel needs of your company. The Travel Manager of your company will have access to this information through the Corporate Travel Solutions site. Please refer to “Travel Manager Functions” section in this FAQ.

The number of travellers attached to a Corporate Travel Solutions account may be changed, subject to a review of the company’s performance and needs. Please check with the local Corporate Travel Solutions sales support team, whose contact link is located in the landing page of Corproate Travel Solutions site.

All travellers are required to have a Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles membership. This membership number will serve as their Corporate Travel Solutions traveller identifier. 

The number of complimentary Marco Polo members will be set according to the profile and travel needs of your company.