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Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon’s customer commitment:

Our vision is to be the world’s best airline. Being the best means we always strive to excel in everything we do. Our dynamic team provides the highest quality of service so that you are happy you chose Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon.

Our mission is to put safety first, provide outstanding products and services and deliver service straight from the heart.

Cathay Pacific aircraft depart more than 138,000 times each year, serving more than 26 million customers in 142 destinations in 39 countries.

This Customer Service Plan outlines important areas that assure customers of our high service standards and that we have measures in place to deliver them. While Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon may apply some of the policies discussed below in more than one country, this document is intended only for customers enquiring about travelling on flights at airports in The People’s Republic of China (hereby refer to as “China”). It is organised as addressed in the Flight Regularity Administrative Regulation (Ministry of Transport 2016 #56).

Customer Notification regarding flight delays and cancellations

As soon as Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon becomes aware of a flight delay or cancellation on ground in China, it will within 30 minutes, provide customers timely updates through Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon’s websites and at China airports on the day of the flight. Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon will also provide passengers with timely updates through its notiFLY messaging system provided the passenger has provided Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon with valid contact information. Such updates, based on the best information available at the time, may include provisional or estimated departure times and reasons for the delay or cancellation.

Customer care during lengthy tarmac delays

Tarmac delays may happen due to various reasons such as safety requirements, unfavourable weather conditions, air traffic congestion and other operational factors. Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon always strive for the highest quality service so that our customers are happy they have chosen to fly with us. In this respect, we have developed a comprehensive contingency plan, making sure we consistently meet our customers' essential needs in the event of a lengthy tarmac delay. You may review our tarmac delay plan.

Other services we offer to make your trip enjoyable and hassle free

When flight cancellations or misconnections occur, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon will do its best to mitigate passenger inconvenience. For example:

  • Our reservations team generally will attempt to contact you via information in your booking record when a delay is known. If you have made your reservation through a travel agency, your travel agent will be advised to contact you accordingly.

  • If a flight is cancelled or delayed, we will do our best to rebook you on our next flight, subject to seat availability.

  • If you are inconvenienced overnight away from your home or destination for a reason within Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon’s control, we will provide refreshment allowances and hotel accommodations, at facilities with which we have contracts. For flight delays or cancellations that are caused by events beyond our control, including but not limited to weather and acts of war or terrorism, we will do our best to assist you, but we will not be responsible for your additional costs or expenses.

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon contingency plan for lengthy tarmac delays in People’s Republic of China

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon have established a Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays (the "Plan") that meets standards set for such plans by the People’s Republic of China (hereby refer to as “China”), Ministry of Transport under Flight Regularity Administrative Regulation (Ministry of Transport 2016 #56). The Plan applies to:

  • Cathay Pacific- and Cathay Dragon-operated aircraft providing scheduled or public charter services at airports in China.
  • Code-share flights operated by a different carrier are covered by that carrier's tarmac delay plan when a lengthy tarmac delay occurs at a China Airport.
  • Allow passengers to deplane if a tarmac delay is exceeding 3 hours (including 3 hours) and there is no definite take-off time. (The "tarmac delay" is when, either after closing the cabin door before departure or before opening the cabin door after arrival, passengers are waiting on-board for longer than aircraft taxiing time limits as regulated by the airport) Deplaning will not be allowed if there is a safety-related or security-related reason not to do so or if air traffic control advises that deplaning or moving to a disembarkation area or gate would significantly disrupt airport operations.
  • Provide passengers with adequate refreshment and water if a tarmac delay is exceeding 2 hours (including 2 hours) following gate departure or aircraft touchdown.
  • Provide operable lavatory facilities unless if there is a safety-related or security-related reason not to do so.
  • Notify passengers every 30 minutes during the tarmac delay about the status of the delay, estimated delay period, including the reason for it (if known).

Responding to customer complaints, issues and enquiries

Your experience with us:

We are committed to delivering the best products and services to our customers. We have a dedicated team of front line staff ready to assist you with your travel needs. They will do their best to resolve problems that may arise during your trip.

Should you have any concerns relating to our products or services, please do share this with us as it will help us provide better customer service. Our Customer Relations department is committed to addressing all customer feedback and concerns, and welcomes the opportunity to respond.

If you direct your written concern to us by using the website form information below, we will acknowledge your written concern within 7 days, and provide you a substantive written response within 20 days, of receiving your concerns. Our Customer Relations department can be reached through the telephone as shown below.

400 888 6628