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Make productive use of your quarantine

With plenty of time on your hands, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and tackle those floating to-do lists.

Learn a new skill

Perhaps there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn? Use quarantine to get started.


There are thousands of free vocational courses available online nowadays, spanning everything from coding to dressmaking, and many are accredited by famous institutions like Harvard, MIT and Stanford. Browse edX and Coursera to find something that appeals to you.


If you want to learn a language, apps like Duolingo are fantastic for beginners and can help you learn over 30 languages for free.


Online platform MasterClass also has expert tutorials on a whole range of different skills, from voice acting to how to sleep better.

Develop your professional skills

Alternatively, you might use this time to do some career maintenance and sharpen the professional skills you already have.


Use this time to brush up your CV, update your LinkedIn connections, read about new trends in your industry, or join online workshops.


Got a bulging case of business cards? Apps like BizConnect will effortlessly scan and store contact information digitally, making it easier for you to utilise your network.

Get on top of life admin

We all have that list of jobs we never quite get round to doing: clearing out our inbox, sorting computer files, evaluating insurance plans, creating financial spreadsheets or scheduling health screenings. Now is the time to tick those tasks off the list for good and leave your hotel chore-free.


The trick is to divide and conquer. Assign yourself one task per day to prevent feeling overwhelmed and make the process more manageable. There are hundreds of apps specifically designed to conquer your life admin such as Microsoft’s To Do app.

Volunteer your time

If you already happen to be a hyper-organised individual, why not dedicate your free time to a good cause? Use your design skills to create the logo for a small business; offer to chat with language students; or sign up to an organisation like Samaritans to provide a sympathetic ear to those in crisis.


Sites like Volunteer Match and the United Nations will connect you with thousands of ways to help. They even have specific COVID-19 hubs focused on remote volunteering opportunities such as mentoring, website design, project management and more.


You can also donate your Asia Miles to worthy charities, such as Feeding Hong Kong, in a matter of minutes.

Review your goals

In the rush of day-to-day life, it’s easy to lose track of personal ambitions. But quarantine is the ideal opportunity for self-reflection and to review your long-term goals. Where do you see yourself in five, 10 and 20 years? How will you get there? Are the things you’ve been pursuing still what you want?


Brainstorm your thoughts; write a personal statement; and make a plan of action. Online tools such as Goal Buddy and Lifetick can help you clarify your ambitions, plot a roadmap, and stay on track.

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