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Cathay Pacific launches new book highlighting volunteering spirit of airline’s staff

29 Jun 2011

Cathay Pacific Airways today launched a new book, Flying High with 38 Hearts of Gold, which highlights the volunteering spirit of Cathay Pacific staff and the great efforts they have made, under their own initiative, to give something back to the community. The book aims to foster a volunteering spirit and help towards building a more harmonious and caring society.

The volunteering work featured in the book includes orphan adoption and orphanage renovations; taking care of the terminally ill, children with AIDS, the elderly and the disabled; visiting remote villages, earthquake-stricken areas and poor countries; helping youngsters, single-parent families, minority and underprivileged groups; community reconstruction; providing translation help for the sick; gardening at a children's hospice; cooking for the poor; showing the world a positive view of those with Down’s syndrome; advocating family planning in remote areas; coral protection; Olympic volunteering, and more.

The volunteering activities take place in Yunnan, Guangxi, Beijing, Sichuan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Sabah, Bali, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Ecuador, Vancouver, Amsterdam and other countries and territories.

Cathay Pacific Director Corporate Affairs Quince Chong said: “Giving back something to the community we serve has always been our vision. While Cathay Pacific has been supporting the community through various corporate activities, our staff have been proactively helping those in need. To maximise our efforts, the company took the lead and formed the CX Volunteers team. I hope this book will highlight the fact that it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Cosmos Books Chief Editor, Mr Ngan Shun-kau, said: “This book includes 38 stories of charitable acts, from adoption to hospice care and anti-drugs work, carried out by 38 passionate volunteers from Cathay Pacific. What they deliver is far more than just voluntary service or mercy missions: they are in fact conveying the concept of ‘All Men are Brothers’, which is a lofty ideal. Although the stories are written in a simple way, they are sincere, and readers will find in them a long-lasting human virtue.”

In his foreword to the book, Commercial Radio’s Director of Strategic Planning, Mr Vincent Wong, said: “Why would those who are constantly swamped with short-haul and long-haul duties devote most of their days off to serve others, taking up another role in different organisations and countries, let alone do voluntary work without pay? The book sweeps aside our inclination to leave our work behind in the office. If you can make use of what you learn from your work to serve the community, it can turn ‘detest’ to ‘passion’.”

Royalties from the book, which is published in Chinese and being sold for HK$68, will be donated to the Sunnyside Club – a charity established and run by Cathay Pacific staff to improve the well-being of mentally and physically challenged children in Hong Kong.