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May the glow of the full moon bring us closer

For thousands of years, communities have come together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Though celebrations may look a little different in 2022, the spirit of the festival lives on across the world through time-honoured traditions – sharing the moon together in the joyful giving and receiving of mooncakes.

From us to you, we wish you a happy mid-autumn festival

Celebrating with lanterns: The Pingxi Lantern Festival 

During Mid-Autumn Festival, many flock to Pingxi for its sky lanterns – a beautiful tradition. 


Named one of the best festivals by The Discovery Channel and among the 10 best winter experiences by National Geographic, the festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the small hillside town of Shifeng to release an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 glowing rice paper lanterns.



Celebrating with mooncakes: Take a look at how we're celebrating in Hong Kong

This year we have partnered once more with The Upper House to craft a mooncake collection that not only cherishes the past, but also embraces a bright future by combining traditional and contemporary flavours and design.




Celebrating the spirit of togetherness across Asia

From Hong Kong to Qingdao, Seoul to Jeju, and Tokyo to Fukuoka, the tradition is observed by many of us across Asia

South Korea


Chuseok also known as Hangawi is celebrated across South Korean homes as families reconnect and celebrate the spirit of togetherness.

Special dishes such as Songpyeon  (rice cakes) are made together as a family on the eve of Chuseok, which is followed on by gift-giving to each other. 




In Vietnam, children parade lanterns in the streets the night of the Tết Trung Thu  Festival to help light the way to earth from the moon.

The celebration of the harvest is an important part of Tết Trung Thu, as it marks a joyous time when work on farms culminate and time to spend with loved ones.




Tsukimi, also known as Otsukimi  is celebrated across Japan. Dating back thousands of years, families, friends, and loved ones gather to view the beauty of the moon at its brightest. 

A time to ponder and reflect, whilst eating traditional tsukimi dangos (rice dumplings) as the harvest ripens to the richest of tastes. 


Reunite with the world

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