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CX: So where did you go during the off season?

TB: I was in New York and LA during my time off, but I like to go overseas a fair bit. Anywhere with a beach or in America is quite nice, and I just recently came back from Shanghai as well which was beautiful.

MW: Last year I was lucky enough to go to New Zealand and Hawaii. A bit of winter, a bit of summer – it was a really fun time!

CX: What’s the next place on your list?

MW: Well I’m a bit jealous of my wife who’s going to Japan in a few months, so hopefully I’m gonna go somewhere in China, Hong Kong maybe. I’m not too sure yet, but they’re definitely on my list of places to go and see.

TJ: I think I’m going to spend some time in Europe. I’ve been to London before but I’d love to go to Germany and maybe up to Scandinavia in Norway and Sweden.

CX: What are the best and worst places you’ve ever been to?

TB: The best place I’ve ever been to is probably Hawaii. I grew up on the surf coast back in Victoria, so Hawaii was beautiful and the beaches are amazing. The worst place…. um…. I probably haven’t been to a bad place, I guess any holiday destination is probably quite nice because you’re getting out of work, so I don’t think I’ve had a bad place.

TJ: I love New York, so many bright lights! And I love Asia too, I just love the food over there.

MW: The worst place – I dunno! Maybe where I grew up! *laughs*

CX: How do you keep fit when you travel?

TB: Keeping fit when you travel is… it’s not easy you know. Try and get a hotel which has a gym, that’s probably the easiest thing to do. But not too many hotels have good gyms, so you try and find a bit of time to go for runs. Trying to find restaurants that have healthy food is also a tough one. We’re pretty strict in the AFL and in the club to make sure we come back pretty fit, but it’s not always easy.

MW: For me keeping fit when I travel is about getting into the gym at the hotel. I try and make sure there’s a gym in most places I stay. Also if you’re somewhere like Hawaii it’s great to go for a run along the beach in the morning to start the day off on a good note.

TJ: I try and walk everywhere. The airports in Asia are usually pretty good for that! I also like to get out and run around some of the parks and the lakes around.

CX: What do you always take with you when you travel?

TB: My headphones! I have to have my noise cancelling headphones. They take out all the noise and relaxes me a little bit.

MW: I won’t leave the house without my toothbrush. I always make sure to take it on carry-on so I always have my toothbrush… *laughs* That’s a bit weird hey? I don’t know why but I always have to have my toothbrush in my bag with me.

TJ: I have to have my noise cancelling headphones… Just to block out all the kids on the flight and get some sleep. A lot of our players use them because it’s really important to rest before our games.

CX: Tell us which teammate is the worst to travel with & why?

TB: Well, I’ve travelled with my good mate Robbie Gray a fair bit and he’s probably best and worst at the same time. He knows I hate flying and he probably stitches me up a little bit when we’re flying, so he’s probably one of the worst to travel with.

MW: Ahhhh I’d have to say Chad Wingard. *laughs* He’s a superstar but the worst to travel with. He can smell, and he falls asleep at the drop of a hat, so you’ll be sitting on a plane and you want to have a conversation with him and within seconds he’s just, he’s out. Every time.

TJ: Jack Hombsch is pretty messy. He’s just very set in his ways, he has to do everything at the exact right time. So if he wants to go to sleep, the lights are off straight away.