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Cathay Pacific unveils latest inflight sales line-up

16 Sep 2013

Cathay Pacific Airways today unveiled a new line-up of inflight sales items for the upcoming season - from cosmetics and skincare products to suitcases, Christmas hampers and premium French black truffles. The full range of more than 300 products, with more than 150 new items and a number of limited-edition or Cathay Pacific-exclusive items, will be presented in the October-December issue of Discover the Shop, the airline’s inflight shopping magazine.

In addition to inflight dining and entertainment, inflight shopping has become an integral part of the overall passenger experience. Trends have changed in recent years, in line with changing passenger tastes and lifestyles, and inflight sales is now about much more than duty-free shopping.

Cathay Pacific has worked hard to transform inflight shopping over the years. From simply selling duty-free alcohol, perfumes or cigarettes, the airline has moved to offering passengers a more sophisticated shopping experience with an ever-increasing choice.

Today Cathay Pacific offers more than 300 items in its inflight sales programme, featuring an amazing variety of products. It caters for passengers’ needs in a variety of ways:

·         Exclusivity – in the upcoming season, close to 100 products are only available on either Cathay Pacific or the duty-free market, many of which are limited-edition items.

·         Price savings – close to 25% of the products are at a lower price than what is offered in the local or duty-free market.

·         Promotions – incentives such as discounts, lucky draws and special mileage redemptions are regularly offered to make inflight shopping more rewarding. A free delivery service will be made available in the upcoming season, complemented by a special mileage redemption programme and the chance to win a trip to Provence.

Online pre-flight ordering and a home delivery service were launched by the airline a few years ago to make inflight shopping more convenient and comprehensive. Today the airline provides home delivery services in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. In the upcoming season, passengers can even have French black truffle flown fresh from France with free delivery service to their home.

Cathay Pacific General Manager Inflight Services James Ginns said: “We are committed to providing the best service to our passengers and we go to great lengths to take care of every detail of their needs – from the comfort of seats to the taste and selection of food and wines. That attention to detail applies equally to our inflight shopping. Over the years, we have enhanced the shopping experience and expanded the range of products we offer. All this emphasises that, at Cathay Pacific, we are committed to providing the best.”