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Cathay Pacific mounts extra flights & gearing up for normal scheduled service to and from London (1230 HKT)

22 Dec 2010

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced that extra flights from London to Hong Kong to bring back stranded passengers are being operated and at the same time the airline is gearing up for the resumption of normal scheduled service to and from London as Heathrow Airport reopens its second runway.

The airline announced that all four scheduled flights to and from London today are planned to operate as normal.

The first extra flight carrying about 300 passengers from London – mostly young students – departed Manchester midnight yesterday UK time and is estimated to arrive at Hong Kong International Airport around 8 pm HK time. The airline is finalising details of the other two special flights planned for today and tomorrow to bring stranded passengers back to Hong Kong. Details will be announced once available.

“Our colleagues in London and Hong Kong have been working round the clock to give the stranded students and other passengers the best possible care and service that we can provide in a most testing operating environment and at the same time looking at different options and putting together all the logistics including ground transport support to bring stranded students back to Hong Kong via Manchester Airport as soon as possible,” a Cathay Pacific spokesman said.

“We expect that the backlog of stranded passengers in the UK would take a couple of more days to clear as the scheduled flights are full. We will continue to look into the possibilities of arranging more additional flights to bring stranded passengers back to Hong Kong as soon as possible,” the spokesman said.

“We are pleased that In Hong Kong, the backlog of stranded London-bound passengers has been cleared and we have resumed connecting passengers from other ports to London via Hong Kong,” the spokesman added.

The spokesperson also reminded passengers without any confirmed bookings for the day NOT to go to the airport. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight at the airline’s website, www.cathaypacific.com, before going to the airport and to input their contact details in the Manage My Booking function at the website to ensure they get the latest flight information via SMS or email.