Managing your journey in advance of a likely disruption

Understanding the impact that flight delays and cancellations can have to your travel plans, our automated flight re-booking service allows you to re-book your journey yourself, thus giving you control in the event of an approaching typhoon, volcanic activity or other disruptions.

Should you be impacted by a likely delay or cancellation, you will receive a special ticketing guidelines email from us advising you to rebook your flight through Vera, our virtual assistant. Vera will guide you through the procedures for rebooking your flight or booking an alternative flight. 

To help you decide, flights that meet the original ticket conditions will be highlighted and there will be no charge for rebooking.  

To make use of this service, please book your flight online directly with us and keep your contact information updated. We hope by providing immediate assistance through our self-rebooking service, we can minimise stress and the impact to your journey. Please stay tuned for further service enhancements.