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40 passionate young people embark on a unique journey as Dragonair Aviation Certificate Programme 2016 launches

21 Mar 2016

(HONG KONG) The Dragonair Aviation Certificate Programme (DACP) is stepping into its 11th anniversary year, with an inaugural ceremony held on 18 March to launch the 2016 programme. A total of 40 young people, shortlisted from nearly 500 applicants, are now ready to embark on an inspiring aviation journey.

As a key initiative under the Dragonair Youth Aviation Academy umbrella since 2005, the DACP offers young people a comprehensive nine-month aviation programme that aims to deepen their knowledge of aviation and boost their interest in taking up a career in this fascinating and dynamic industry. Close to 40% of the programme’s 200-plus alumni have already embarked in careers in the aviation industry, in jobs ranging from pilots and air traffic controllers to load controllers.

Officiating at the inaugural ceremony, Dragonair Chief Executive Algernon Yau said: “The Dragonair Aviation Certificate Programme has grown in both size and influence over the past decade. We are extremely grateful for the support of our long-term partner, the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, which has been instrumental in ensuring the programme’s success. And, as we enter our 11th year, we are delighted that the Scout Association of Hong Kong has joined as the second co-organiser this year, helping us to continue to grow and enrich the programme.”  

The new partnership with the Scout Association of Hong Kong will open the programme up to a wider group of young talents and provide additional resources such as aviation theory training and access to an aviation training centre featuring full-motion simulators and other flight simulation equipment.  

Dragonair's Director Operations, Captain Peter Sanderson, said: “The DACP is part of the Dragonair Youth Aviation Academy which aims to nurture future talent for the aviation industry. We offer successful candidates a series of in-depth training sessions and exciting insights into our world. The thing that makes this programme so special is that each participant is mentored by a Dragonair pilot, who will provide guidance and inspiration throughout their nine-month journey.”

The unique mentorship programme gives participants a chance to take part in an observation flight, including the pre-flight briefing, where they can observe their mentor at work.

Aside from all the learning opportunities, participants will be able to give something back to the local community by designing and organising a social service activity leveraging on their leadership skills and team spirit.

Man Ka-ki, an operating theatre nurse, is determined to pursue his aviation dream and aims to equip himself through the DACP. Ka-ki said: “My dream is to be a pilot. However, I understand that a commercial flight doesn’t just rely on pilots and cabin crew, but requires close collaboration between different teams of professionals. I am amazed by how this combined effort helps to make flight operations safe and smooth, and am eager to know more about how it all works. Most of my knowledge has been acquired through aviation theory courses, focusing on flying an airplane. Through the DACP, I will be able to get a much broader perspective on the industry.”

The programme’s success relies on the continued support of various aviation-related organisations, including Airport Authority Hong Kong, Aviation Security Company Limited, Cathay Pacific Services Limited, the Civil Aviation Department, the Fire Services Department, the Government Flying Service, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited, Hong Kong Airport Services Limited, Hong Kong Aviation Club, Airport Meteorological Office of the Hong Kong Observatory, the Hong Kong Police Force, LSG Lufthansa Service Hong Kong Limited, and TAG Aviation Asia Limited. All these organisations have shown a willingness to nurture the next generation for Hong Kong’s aviation industry.

More information on the Dragonair Aviation Certificate Programme and other activities in the Dragonair Youth Aviation Academy can be found at www.dragonair.com/aviationacademy.