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Dragonair Inflight Menu Fueled with Hong Kong Delights

16 Jun 2011

(HONG KONG) Hong Kong is known as a food paradise, renowned for its street and café food as much as for its fine dining, and Dragonair is paying homage to wide variety and inventiveness with a new “Hong Kong Delights” menu featuring a selection of iconic dishes.

Passengers on Dragonair flights will be able to enjoy a variety of unique local specialities ranging from the popular cocktail bun, egg tart and Hong Kong-style milk tea to steamed rice in hot pot casserole and double-boiled soup.

The “Hong Kong Delights” inflight menu, featuring more than 60 dishes including appetisers and main courses, will be available on board in phases for passengers flying to various destinations (see Appendix for details).

The menu will provide local passengers with a taste of home when they fly, while overseas visitors will get a delicious introduction to a wide range of delicious Hong Kong specialities.

Dragonair is famous for providing innovative and quality inflight food and the “Hong Kong Delights” menu is a continuation of the airline’s pioneering spirit in providing quality inflight catering services.

Dragonair Chief Executive Officer James Tong says, “As a home-grown brand, Dragonair is delighted and proud to bring Hong Kong’s specialities on board as a means to promote Hong Kong’s food culture, not only among Hongkongers, but visitors from around the world. The unique offering of wide-ranging Hong Kong-style dishes best demonstrates how we continuously strive to put our passengers first and ensure they have the most enjoyable journey.”

The airline called on all its expertise and inventiveness to create this special menu to ensure that the dishes and flavours experienced inflight are as authentic as in a local restaurant, working within the limitation of an aircraft environment.

“It’s all down to the great attention to detail and teamwork, from selection of menu, choice of ingredient supply to cooking methods, reheating and serving. Most essential is the seamless coordination and fulfilment of every single step by all departments and colleagues involved to make a satisfactory whole. One tiny deviation or missing link would affect the overall outcome,” Mr Tong explains.

While interlocking procedures and support are paramount, Tong believes the same will apply to Hong Kong’s aviation development and stresses that “Hong Kong has long been admired for its excellent software, including human resources, management skills and professional services, and in order to maintain momentum and not jeopardise our continued success in terms of economic and aviation growth, we need to have all the puzzles to be in place, missing any of them could make a priceless difference. Therefore, the development of a compatible hardware - the third runway - is imperative.”


Hong Kong Delights Inflight Menu

  • Coconut Soup with Aloe, Sea Whelk and Silky Fowl
  • Ba Wong Fa, Pear, Lo Hon Gua & Duck Gizzard Soup
  • Lo Hon Gua Soup with Watercress and Geoduck
  • Double-boiled Soup with Pigeon, Fish Maw and Chinese Mushroom
  • Pork Knuckle Soup with Brassica and Carrot
  • Pork Soup with Chicken Feet, Marrow and Dried Octopus
  • Chicken Soup with Conpoy, Sweet Corn and Conch
  • Double-boiled Soup with Papaya, Ham and Barley
  • Pigeon Soup with Geoduck and Yam
  • Black Silk Chicken Soup with Marrow and Chayote
  • Ox Tail Soup with Radix Codonopsis and Red Dates
  • Beef Shank Soup with Red Dates and Soya Beans

    Rice and Noodle
  • Beef Curry with Rice in Hong Kong Style
  • Barbecued Pork and Chicken with Steamed Rice
  • Chicken Curry with Rice in Hong Kong Style
  • Baked Pork Chop with Rice in Tomato Sauce
  • Braised Beef Brisket in Clear Soup in Casserole
  • Pork Dumplings with Noodles in Soup
  • Roasted Goose and Wonton with Glass Noodles in Soup
  • Braised Beef Brisket with Noodles in Clear Soup
  • Fishball with Rice Noodles in Supreme Broth
  • Egg Noodles with Barbecued Pork, Shallots and Ginger

    Seasonal Dishes and Specialty
  • Steamed Rice with Chicken and Preserved Sausages with Abalone in Hot Pot Casserole
  • Steamed Rice with Cod Fish, Dried Ham, Mushroom and Prawn Cake in Hot Pot Casserole
  • Steamed Rice with Chicken with Cordyceps, Cuttlefish and Yellow Fungus
  • Steamed Rice with Seafood (Shrimp Mousse stuffed in Scallop, Crab Meat and Prawn) Steamed Rice with Pork Belly, Dried Shrimp and Silver Fish in Hot Pot Casserole
  • Steamed Rice with Chicken with Dried Scallop and Octopus in Hot Pot Casserole Winter Melon Soup with Seafood
  • Poon Choi in Mini Pumpkin
  • Steamed Rice with Preserved Sausage and Chicken in Hot Pot Casserole
  • Steamed Rice with Chicken and Mushroom in Hot Pot Casserole
  • Steamed Rice with Dried Shrimp, Pork Spare-ribs, Chili and Black Bean Sauce in Hot Pot Casserole
  • Steamed Rice with Minced Beef Cake and Tangerine Peel in Hot Pot Casserole
  • Steamed Rice with Cod Fish and Dried Shrimp in Hot Pot Casserole
  • Steamed Rice with Cuttlefish and Pork in Hot Pot Casserole

    Congee and Rice in Soup
  • Congee with Chicken Balls and Assorted Mushrooms
  • Congee with Cod Fish and Oat
  • Congee with Seafood and Corn
  • Congee with Dried Oyster and Pork Ribs with Pan-fried Beef Buns
  • Congee with Preserved Vegetables and Beef with Vegetables Wheat Buns
  • Rice in Conpoy Soup with Winter Melon and Minced Pork
  • Rice in Soup with Seafood
  • Congee with Beef and Preserved Vegetables
  • Congee with Prawn and Pumpkin

    Pastries and Desserts
  • Hong Kong Style Milk Tea
  • Pineapple Bun with Butter
  • Cocktail Bun
  • Egg Tart
  • Steamed Milk with Ginger Sauce
  • Steamed Milk in Coconut
  • Mango, Sago and Pomelo Sweet Soup
  • Mango Pancake
  • Steamed Milk with Egg White
  • Dim Sum
  • Black Sesame Egg White Cookies
  • Coconut Egg White Cookies
  • Mini Walnut Cookies
  • Jasmine Tea Chinese Cookies
  • Green Tea Chinese Cookies
  • Red Tea Chinese Tea Cookies


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