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Dragonair Welcomes Policy Address To Enhance Tourism Infrastructure And Logistics Facilities

12 Oct 2011

(HONG KONG) Dragonair today welcomes the policy measures and commitment made in the Policy Address by the HKSAR Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, that the Government would take active steps in developing local tourism and sight-seeing attractions, as well as investing in Hong Kong’s logistics facilities.

Dragonair Chief Executive Officer Patrick Yeung said: “I strongly believe that the status of Hong Kong as the doorway of Mainland China and Asian logistics centre could be strengthened since the government undertakes to enhance sea, air and land transport networks with the Mainland. Dragonair fully supports the policies favouring the development of Hong Kong and is looking forward to the expansion of the Hong Kong International Airport including the building of third runway. Meanwhile, by further enhancing tourism infrastructure, we believe Hong Kong would continue to be the option of tourists from Mainland and worldwide.”

“With extensive network and frequent flight services in Mainland, as well as a niche network of regional destinations, the development of Dragonair fits well with the enhanced logistics facilities envisioned in Policy Address and will be beneficial to Hong Kong and Mainland businessmen and travellers in these areas,” Mr Yeung said. “The policy measures to reinforce and enhance Hong Kong’s status as an international centre for financial services, trade and shipping, and to develop industries where we enjoy competitive advantages, would also boost air travel between Hong Kong and Mainland, Dragonair’s key market.”