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Super Typhoon Nepartak - flight updates for Taiwan

07 Jul 2016

Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair announced that as the Super Typhoon Nepartak moves closer to Taiwan today, flight operations to Taiwan will be affected today and tomorrow.

Passengers are reminded that the situation can change rapidly and are advised to check the latest flight information on the airline’s website, www.cathaypacific.com or www.dragonair.com , before departing for the airport.

The following flights to and from Taiwan on 7 and 8 July have been cancelled:

7 July: Hong Kong - Kaohsiung

  • Dragonair flights: KA436, KA454, KA456, KA450

7 July: Kaohsiung - Hong Kong

  • Dragonair flights: KA437, KA455, KA457

7 July: Hong Kong -Taipei

  • Cathay Pacific flights: CX470, CX402, CX464, CX468, CX408
  • Dragonair flight: KA482

7 July: Taipei - Hong Kong

  • Dragonair flight: KA483

7 July: Hong Kong -Taichung

  • Dragonair flight: KA494

8 July: Hong Kong - Kaohsiung

  • Dragonair flights: KA452, KA432

8 July: Kaohsiung - Hong Kong

  • Dragonair flights: KA451, KA453, KA433

8 July: Hong Kong -Taipei

  • Cathay Pacific flights: CX474, CX530
  • Dragonair flight: KA486

8 July: Taipei- Hong Kong

  • Cathay Pacific flights: CX463, CX465, CX407, CX403, CX469, CX475, CX495
  • Dragonair flight: KA487

8 July: Taichung - Hong Kong

  • Dragonair flight: KA495

In addition, the following Cathay Pacific flights will omit stopover Taipei on 7 July:

  • CX451 (7 July): Narita-Hong Kong
  • CX531 (7 July): Nagoya-Hong Kong

Passengers who are booked on Taiwan flights are encouraged to postpone non-essential travel. The airline will waive re-booking and re-routing fees for all tickets issued worldwide (irrespective of fare type) on or before 6 July for travel on Cathay Pacific and Dragonair involving Taiwan between 7 July and 8 July.  Passengers without confirmed bookings are advised not to go to the airport.  We will assist with alternative arrangements for affected passengers.

To ensure customers receive the latest flight status updates via SMS or email, they are advised to update their contact details in Manage Booking at www.cathaypacific.com or www.dragonair.com.

The airline will continue to monitor the situation closely and will issue further updates should there be any changes to the flight schedule.