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Sporting equipment

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Sporting equipment is subject to the applicable standard excess baggage charges if in excess of your standard free baggage allowance.

Click here to view the details of extra baggage charge.

A bicycle can be accepted as check-in baggage, provided that the following requirements of the bicycle are met:

  • Non-motorized touring / racing single-seat bicycle
  • Handlebars are fixed and tightened sideways or parallel to the frame or enclosed in plastic foam or similar material
  • Pedals are removed or fixed inwards or enclosed in plastic foam or similar material
  • Tyres are deflated
  • Passenger must pack bicycle in a strong and protective hard case or recognised bicycle box.


For non-stop flights between Hong Kong and Doha without extra sectors (wholly within Hong Kong and Qatar), on Cathay Pacific Airways or Qatar Airways only:

10kg (22 lbs) extra allowance for the following sporting equipment:

Golf equipment
Ski equipment
Surfboards, windsurfer equipment, kayaks
Scuba diving equipment
Fishing equipment
Trekking equipment

Note: Only one type of sporting equipment per passenger can qualify for the extra allowance.