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A propos de Xi'an


Xi'an - Xian Xianyang International

Comptoir d'enregistrement

International Departure Hall, West Wing check-in counters

(Check-in counters close punctually 40 minutes before take-off)


SBC (Simple Business Club) – International First Class

Horaires d'ouverture: Open 2 hours before flight departure and closed after flight departs.

Infos aéroport

  • Restaurants and shops available at International Departure Hall
  • Money Exchange, Shops, Restaurants, Banks, Post Office, Business Centre, Lost & Found, VIP Lounge (pay lounge at departure hall) and Clinic.

For further information, check the website of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport.


International to International
Minimum connection time 180 mins
Passing Quarantine and Immigration check, collect bags on arrival, clear customs, and re-check in for connecting flights.

International to Domestic
Minimum connection time 90 mins
Passing Quarantine and Immigration check, collect bags on arrival, clear customs, and proceed to domestic terminal and re-check in.

Transfert à l'aéroport

Airport Bus:
City to Airport
Available between 0600-2000; departs at every 30 minutes for RMB26.00 (one way).

About RMB120.00-180.00. Taxi fare may be negotiable.

Taxes d'aéroport

RMB90 (included in airfare)
Children under 12 are exempted

Franchise douanière

Passengers aged 18 or above are entitled to the following duty-free quota:

Tobacco Products: 400 sticks or equivalent of tobacco products or 50 cigars

Alcoholic Beverages: 2 bottles of wine or spirits (up to 500 ml each)

Please note that all departing and arriving passengers are required to fill in a new customs and declaration form.