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A propos de Séoul


Comptoir d'enregistrement

Island H (H1 to H9 at regular times, and H1 to H13 in the morning) near Departure Hall exit Gate 9.

(Check-in counters are closed punctually 40 minutes before scheduled departure time)


Cathay Pacific Lounge

Localisation: Airside, Concourse A Departure Floor, 4/F
Horaires d'ouverture: 27Mar16 - 29Oct16
06:30-10:15, 11:00-15:10, 17:15-20:15
Prime d'invitation au salon

Infos aéroport

  • Two Business Centers are available at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, a transit hotel at the airport. Open daily 7am-10pm. Computers and secretarial services are available.
  • Tourist Information Centers are conveniently located at both ends of 1st Floor.
  • Baggage deposit service is available on 3rd Floor, near check-In Counter M. Open daily 8am-8pm.

For further information, click on the website of Incheon International Airport.


International: Please contact our ground staff to obtain your boarding pass.
Passengers making flight connection for international services within 24 hours after arrival at Incheon International Airport can through-check their bags to the international services provided they have a confirmed onward connection within 24 hours and are staying inside the transit area.

Domestic Connections:
All bags must check to Incheon International Airport (ICN) only, except connections to KE1401, KE1403, KE 1405 and OZ8531 (ICN-Busan), where baggage can be checked through to Busan (as these flights are departing from the same international airport). Passengers connecting to the flights listed above should contact Korean Air/Asiana Airlines transfer desk before immigration for their onward boarding pass, and should collect baggage in Busan.

Transfert à l'aéroport

To city centre:
Bus: 9,000won (direct bus)
13,000won (Limousine Bus)
Taxi: 90,000won (Normal Taxi)
120,000won (Premium Taxi)
(52km / 32 miles)

* Toll gate fee will be added on top of the taxi fare aforementioned.
* Taxi fare subject to change, depending on the traffic conditions.

To Gimpo Airport:
Airport Express Train: KRW 3,200

Taxes d'aéroport

Included in the price of the airline ticket.

Franchise douanière

Tobacco Products: 200 cigarettes

Alcoholic Beverages: 1 bottle (maximum 1000ml and valued under US$400)

Perfume: 60ml

Others: Goods/gifts up to US$600, Cash or cash equivalent up to US$10,000

*Minors 19 or under are not allowed to bring in alcohol or cigarettes