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To ensure that our elderly passengers at Hong Kong International Airport don't have to stand in queue, we have a special check-in counter in Area C at the Check-In Hall. For passengers departing from airports other than Hong Kong, please contact a member of ground staff at the check-in counter for assistance.

Please inform us in advance if you need any special assistance before, during or after the flight. 

Cathay Pacific Airways allows passengers to bring certain types of mobility aids such as canes, crutches and walkers on board the aircraft, provided they can be safely stowed within the cabin. For more information please see our section on Mobility Aids & Assistive Devices.

While our cabin crew will do everything possible to provide assistance to passengers during the flight, please note that we are unable to provide passengers with any assistance for personal care needs such as feeding, elimination functions including assistance inside the lavatory, administration of medications or other personal care needs. If you require assistance with any of these, we recommend that you travel with an appropriate escort or make alternative arrangements.