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We offer a Frequent Traveller’s Medical Card (FREMEC) to passengers who travel regularly and require special assistance or medical clearance for a stable medical condition or disability. Passengers holding a FREMEC card are no longer encouraged to submit a MEDA signed by their physician each time they fly with us, provided there has been no change in their condition or the assistance required. Once you have registered with us, our reservations office will have your travel requirements on record so that special assistance can be arranged when you fly with us. You can download the application form here Open a new window .

Please note that POC users holding a valid FREMEC card are not required to provide a Physician Statement. The FREMEC card will only be issued to a passenger with a stable medical condition and a MEDA-form would have been completed with all of the information regarding the passenger’s condition, POC device, settings, etc. The FREMEC card will also advice the passenger on our battery requirements.

For enquiries about the FREMEC card, please contact your reservations office.