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About Moscow


Check-in Counter

  • Check-in counters open 3 hours before flight departure
  • Counters are closed punctually 45 minutes before flight departure. This also applies to passengers with Self-Print Boarding Pass who have baggage to check in.
  • Passengers can check in for their flight leaving from Moscow on the same day only.


Domodedovo Airport Business Lounge

Location: Departure sector A
Opening Hours: Daily: 24 hours

Airport Facilities

For further information, click on the website of Moscow Domodedovo Airport.


Follow the TRANSFER/TRANSIT sign to the transfer area for check-in. 

Luggage checked through to the final destination will be processed automatically. In other cases, please notify the transfer agent.

Airport Transfer

To city center:

Taxi: 1800 RUB-2500 RUB (22 km)

Aeroexpress train: non-stop to Paveletsky railway station 
Time of journey: 40-50 minutes
One-way 300 RUB, roundtrip 500 RUB 

Commuter Train: to Paveletsky railway station 
Time of journey: 1 hour 10 minutes

Express Buses: non-stop to Domodedovskaya underground station
Timetable: 06:00-00:00
Time of journey: 25-30 minutes
Departure time: every 15 minutes 

Shuttles: to Domodedovskaya underground station 
Timetable: 06:00-00:00
Time of journey: 25-30 minutes
Departure time: every 15 minutes
Night-time schedule (00:00-06:00): 00:00; 00:40; 01:20; 02:00; 02:40; 03:20; 04:00; 04:40; 05:20; 06:00

Customs Allowance

The system of Red and Green channels is used in Russian Federation.

Free import in cases:

  • Total cost of the imported goods is less than 65 thousand rubles and/or total weight is less than 35 kg.
  • Allowances are:
1. Alcoholic beverages (including beer)2 litres
2. Tobacco products50 cigars,
100 cigarillos,
200 cigarettes,
0.25 kg tobacco*
3. Caviar (black)Maximum – 250 gram per person

*In case if only one type of tobacco being imported, 100 cigars, 200 cigarillos, 400 cigarettes and 0.5 kg tobacco allowed.

Taxes are taken in accordance with following rates: 
For goods, with total price exceeding 65 thousand rubles and/or if their total weight exceeds 35 kg, but is less than 650 thousand rubles and 200 kg - 30 percent customs duty, but not less than 4 euro per kilogram in the exceeding part. 


  1. Exported goods for personal use do not come within customs fees or taxes.
  2. Archeological, historical and artistic objects are allowed for export with written permission of Ministry of Cultural Affairs confirming that the exported goods are either not under governmental accounting or are within the statute on the import and export of cultural objects. A photograph of the exported object is needed.
  3. For all kinds of weapons besides declaration, a special permit from Ministry of Internal Affairs is needed. This permit can be obtained at the relevant police authority.
  4. For bow-instruments, besides declaration, a special permit from Ministry of Cultural Affairs is needed. If the instrument is older than 50 years a special permission from Ministry of Cultural Affairs is needed.

Goods subject to declaration

  1. Imported goods with total price exceeding 65 000 RUB and/or with total weight exceeds 35 kg.
  2. Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum family, palladium, iridium, rhodium, ruthenium and osmium) in any appearance when imported temporarily or when exported (except temporary importation of jewelry including those which contain precious metals).
  3. Precious stones temporary imported, imported emeralds, rubies, sapphires, alexandrines, natural raw and treated pearls, unique amber formations, diamonds.
  4. Cultural valuables.
  5. Imported Russian Federation governmental rewards.
  6. Plants and animals, their parts, derivatives as well as drawn products from them, which are under the danger of extinction.
  7. Weapons (devices and items which are designed for killing human targets or signaling), firearms main parts (barrels, bolts, cylinders, receivers, breech frames), cartridges) and ammunition (shells, gunpowder etc.).
  8. Narcotic and psychotropic substances, and their precursors.
  9. Drastic and poisonous substances.
  10. High frequency and radio-electronic devices except peripherals.
  11. Special technical devices designed for obtaining information secretly.
  12. Exported materials which contain National Security Information/State secret.
  13. Nuclear materials, special non-nuclear materials and relevant technologies.
  14. Exported raw materials, equipment, sci-tech information, results of intellectual activity, which may be used to create weapons of mass-destruction, their delivery means, or other types of arms and military hardware.
  15. Imported chemicals, which may be used to create chemical warfare.
  16. Military purpose products.
  17. Vehicles (means of transportations).
  18. Goods which are transported unescorted.
  19. Goods which are sent for an individual person for private use except goods which are sent in international mail.

Currency information 
Local & Foreign currencies:

Import: allowed in equivalent of up to US$10,000. Amount exceeding US$10,000 is subject to declaration.
Export: if total amount exceeds US$3,000 than written declaration required. If total amount exceeds US$10,000 than the passenger is obliged to have written import declaration or other documentation confirming import or transferring foreign currencies to Russia on the amount that exceeds US$10,000.
Traveler's cheques are allowed within limits of those previously imported by the same person if compliant documentation is presented, without written declaration. Traveler's cheques purchased in Russia, require written declaration (red channel).

For further information, visit http://www.domodedovo.ru