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About Kota Kinabalu


Kota Kinabalu - Kota Kinabalu International Airport

Check-in Counter

International Departure Hall, Dragonair check-in counter at Island A.

Opening hours
2.5 hours prior to scheduled departure time

(Check-in counters are closed punctually 40 minutes before scheduled departure time)


Malaysia Airline Golden Lounge

Location: Malaysia Airline Golden Lounge for Business Passengers, after passing Immigration on Level 3 opposite of Gate 6.

Airport Facilities

For further information, click on the website of Kota Kinabalu International Airport.


International to Domestic:
Minimum connection time 60 mins

Airport Transfer

Taxi: MYR30

Airport Taxes

International: MYR65
Domestic: MYR9

Customs Allowance

Tobacco Products:
200 cigarettes or 225g tobacco

Alcoholic Beverages:
Maximum 1 litre of wine, spirits or Malt liquor

Cosmetics, perfumery, soaps and dentifrices in open container to a total maximum value of MYR200