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What else are Cathay Pacific and Dragonair doing to manage their emissions?

Carbon offsetting is only one way of reducing our carbon footprint. We are committed to working with our partners in managing our carbon emissions. We have been actively contributing to global efforts in reducing aviation’s overall impacts, through new technologies, better operating procedures and improved infrastructure.

Our operating culture of fuel efficiency has been embedded since our first non-stop long haul flights from Hong Kong to London in 1980 and Hong Kong to Vancouver in 1983. Reducing weight onboard these two routes enabled us to offer a unique and competitive service to our customers. Various teams within Cathay Pacific and Dragonair worked on implementing innovative initiatives such as a fuel monitoring system; use of core washing; introduction of lighter weight onboard equipment (for example, food carts and cargo container boxes); and utilising flight techniques and flight planning systems that reduce fuel use – which have been part of the airline’s standard operating procedures for the past 30 years.

Information on Cathay Pacific's various efforts to improve our fuel efficiency and manage our carbon footprint can be found in our Sustainable Development Reports.