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Cathay Pacific Airways recognises that some passengers with disabilities may need to use Postural Support Equipment (PSE) when they travel. In order to best accommodate your travel requirements, the following PSE is accepted for use on all of our aircraft:

  • Aspen Seating Orthosis (ASO)
    The Aspen Seating Orthosis is only allowed for passengers 3 years old or above. For more information, please refer to Aspen's website.

  • MERU Travel Chair
    The TravelChair fits into a standard airline seat giving firm, postural support for disabled children whilst they travel by air. It is suitable for children from 3 – 11 years (depending on their size and weight).For more information, please refer to MERU’s website.

  • DAWS Engineering Disabled Children Travel Chair, P/N TC2000-00
    Only allowed for passengers 3 years and older.

  • Crelling Harness, Model 27
    The Crelling Harness is designed as a postural support device and offers a degree of restraint for infants, children and adults to keep them in an upright sitting position. Crelling Harness, Model 27 is accepted for use on all our aircraft. There are different sizes available and they are designed for passengers from 2 years of age to adults. For more information, please refer to Crelling Harness website

  • Supportive body braces
    Passengers are free to travel with postural support devices worn on the body and which do not require to be fitted to the aircraft seat (for example supportive body braces).

Passengers must bring their own PSE and will be fully responsible for installation, usage and removal.

Passenger should follow manufacturer’s instructions/requirements for the usage of the PSE. The aircraft seat seatbelt must remain as the primary restraint. Passenger-supplied PSE will be carried free of charge.

If you are planning to travel with PSE other than the above models, we recommend that you please contact our local Reservations office a minimum of 7 days prior to departure and inform them of your PSE specifications.