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About Hong Kong


Hassle-Free Check-In



By going to Hong Kong International Airport via Airport Express (AEL), you may choose to check in at either Hong Kong or Kowloon station of the MTR.

You can simply check in and collect your boarding pass as early as one day in advance or as late as 90 minutes before departure.

Both wheelchair service and service for unaccompanied minors (UM) are available at In-Town Check-In stations.

Location: Hong Kong In-Town Check-In Station, MTR
Harbour View Street
Central, Hong Kong
  Kowloon In-Town Check-In Station, MTR
Nga Cheung Road
Jordan, Kowloon
Opening hours:    
5:30am to 90 minutes before scheduled departure time of last flight of the day


  1. To check in for codeshare flights at In-Town Check-In, passengers should proceed to the operating carrier’s counters for assistance.
  2. To comply with the requirements from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), we cannot issue a boarding pass to a passenger departing for US destination more than 24 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time.
  3. To check in for US-bound flights at In-Town Check-In counter, passengers can only do so within 24 hours prior to flight departure.
  4. In the interest of airline safety, Cathay Pacific has implemented a pilot scheme to conduct an additional check on passengers’ check-in baggage for dangerous goods items (or lithium battery) at Hong Kong International Airport for flights destined for Karachi. As a result, passengers for Cathay Pacific flight CX703 are restricted from using In-Town Check-In at Hong Kong and Kowloon Stations of the Airport Express Line.

You can check in and have your boarding pass issued at Shenzhen International Airport (SZIA) for flights departing from Hong Kong, before taking cross-boundary land transport to Hong Kong International Airport.

Upon arrival at the airport in Hong Kong, if you have baggage to check in, you can go to the Self Check-In Bag Drop Counter. Without check-in baggage, you can proceed straight through to Immigration, speeding up the process of getting to your flight.

Passengers departing from Shenzhen will need to arrive at SZIA at least 180 minutes before the scheduled departure time of their flight at Hong Kong International Airport.

Hong Kong International Airport

Checking in at our SuperHub is hassle-free, quick and convenient. The check-in counters are located on Level 7 – the same level where you arrive at the airport (whether by train or bus).

Baggage trolleys are available for free, and you only need to take a short walk before reaching our check-in counters in Areas B and C of the Check-in Hall.

Self Check-In Kiosks are currently available at Hong Kong International Airport to let you travel at ease.

First Class Check-In

First Class Check-in

First Class Check-in

Our First Class passengers can now experience Cathay Pacific’s new and improved First Class services at the Hong Kong International Airport, where a total of ten new dedicated check-in podiums await you.

The redesigned check-in podiums incorporate the latest in computer and flat screen technology, ensuring that every check-in is as smooth and efficient as possible. Your personal check-in screen allows you to access estimated departure and arrival times, boarding gate numbers, the weather at your next destination and other important flight information, as well as your Club miles and Asia Miles balance.

First Class: Aisle B

Business Class Check-in

Business Class Check-in

Business Class passengers now have your own special check-in area at our SuperHub.

Business Class: Aisle B

Premium Economy Class Check-in

Premium Economy Class Check-in

Premium Economy Class: Aisle C

Economy Class Check-in

Economy Class Check-in

We've introduced the single queue concept so that you can enjoy quicker, hassle-free check-in service.

Economy Class: Aisle C

Note: In compliance with the requirements from Hong Kong Civil Aviation, Cathay Pacific will implement a full reconciliation of passenger travel document check at the boarding gate of Hong Kong International Airport, by comparing the name on the passenger's boarding pass with the name in the travel document, and by comparing the photograph in the document with the passenger.