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It is generally safe to fly while pregnant. However, we advise all pregnant passengers to consult their treating doctor or midwife before planning a trip. It is recommended that all pregnant passengers carry documentation stating the expected date of delivery whilst travelling.

28 weeks:
For all pregnancies after 28 weeks (i.e. after 27 weeks + 6 days from Date of Last Menstrual Period), a medical certificate, dated within 10 days of the initial outbound travel date, is required, stating:

  • whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy
  • the estimated week of pregnancy
  • the expected date of delivery (EDD)
  • that you are in good health and the pregnancy is progressing normally, without complications
  • that you are fit to travel.

If you experience any medical complications during your travel, you would require medical clearance from our medical team prior to your return journey. (Please see below for details)

Please note that for your safety, if you choose not to carry a medical certificate, if your medical certificate is outdated or if it does not contain the information required, Cathay Pacific Airways reserves the right to deny boarding.

32 weeks:
We will accept passengers with uncomplicated multiple pregnancies up to 32 weeks (i.e. 31 weeks + 6 days).

36 weeks:
We will accept passengers with uncomplicated single pregnancies up to 36 weeks (i.e. 35 weeks + 6 days) 

Complicated Pregnancies
If you experience any complications during your pregnancy you would require medical clearance from our medical team prior to travel. Please ensure you and your treating doctor complete the relevant sections of our MEDA form and submit it no later than 48 hours prior to your planned departure.

We recommend that you make sure that your health insurance / travel insurance cover pregnancy-related problems while travelling abroad. It is also recommended to check whether the medical facilities at the destination country are adequate to cope with any problems which may arise during your visit. It is wise to avoid travel to remote locations whilst pregnant.

If you require medications during your pregnancy, please ensure that you have an adequate supply for the journey. Please remember that certain medications, such as some types of malaria prophylaxis and vaccinations, cannot be used in pregnancy. If the destination country requires such prophylaxis, it may be better to postpone the journey until after your pregnancy.

Some countries place limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. It is advisable to check with the local consulate to confirm the country specific requirements.

Travel after delivery

Medical clearance is required for passengers travelling within 7 days of their delivery date. Infants cannot travel for 48 hours after birth and need medical clearance to travel between 3 and 7 days after delivery.

You can obtain further information from your obstetrician or midwife, or from the website of the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.