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Portable Electronic Devices (PED)

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For your safety, the use of certain carry-on portable electronic devices is restricted inflight, as they may interfere with the aircraft systems and must remain off while the aircraft is taxiing, during takeoff, and during landing

The following portable electronic devices may be used on board after take-off, with their wireless function disabled, when the cabin crew informs you that it is safe to switch them on and may remain on until the seatbelt sign is turned on for landing:

  • Cellular Communication Devices such as Mobile Phones and Pagers in “Flight Safe/Airplane” mode with the Phone and Wi-Fi functions disabled.
  • Computing Devices such as Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Hand-held, iPad, eBook and PDAs.
  • Computing Peripheral Devices such as Printers and Scanners.
  • Handheld Consoles such as Games and Toys.
  • Media Players & Audio Recorders such as MP3/MP4 Players, DVD/CD Players, Audio Recorders, Audio Headsets and iPods.
  • Photographic & Video Equipment such as Camera and Camcorders.
  • Personal Timing Equipment such as Watches and Clocks.
  • Other Small Electronics Devices such as Calculator, Electric Shavers, Breast Pump and Thermometer.

In-seat power is available across our entire fleet for the devices mentioned above. For more details see Laptop Power.  Please note that all portable electronic devices may not be plugged into the aircraft's utility electrical power supply outlets.  An exception is made for electric shavers which may only be used in the appropriate sockets in the lavatories.

Personal Medical Devices & Instruments such as Hearing Aids, Heart Pacemakers, implanted neurostimulators and other Implanted Medical Devices can be used at all times on board. If you are planning to use any Medical Portable Electronic Device (M-PED) such as POCs, ventilators, respirators, nebulisers or CPAP machines inflight, please see here for detailed information. 

Portable electronic devices that are prohibited from use at all times are:

  • Radios & Transmitters such as Televisions, AM or FM or Digital Radios, Walkie-Talkies, Amateur Radio/Transceivers, Citizen Band (CB) Radios/Scanners and Remote Controlled Devices/Toys.
  • Network & Connecting Devices such as Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Devices.
  • Personal Appliances such as Air Purifiers, Humidifiers (unless needed for medical indication, MEDA clearance may be needed), Smokeless Cigarettes and Electric Massagers.
  • Domestic Appliances such as Kettles, Irons, Heaters, Hair Dryers, and Electrical Inverters/Converters.
  • All types of dialysis machines.