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September offer - Book online to Australia/Auckland and get iTunes gift code for free!

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Are you planning a vacation in later this year?

If you purchase a ticket to Australia or Auckland from Japan on our website during the campaign period (by the end of September), you can get iTunes gift code valued JPY3,000! (Campaign application is required, the first 80 people are eligible for the gift code.)

It will be the best season in Australia and New Zealand, where you can enjoy a lot of activities. Our attractive fares are available until 3 days before the departure date, starting from JPY57,000 for Economy class and JPY242,000 for business class.

This year, Cathay Pacific Airways was awarded ‘Airline of the Year*’ by Skytrax as the 4th time.

Enjoy our service, best fares and offers! 

* Awarded and rated by Skytrax World Airline Awards

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  • Booking / Application period: 1 - 30 September, 2014
  • Travel period (from Japan): 1 October - 31 December, 2014
  • Eligibility: Those who purchase a ticket from Japan to Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide) and Auckland for departure from 1 October and 31 December 2014 on www.cathaypacific.co.jp/en during the campaign period. (Child / Infant fare, Redemption ticket and Package are not eligible.)
  • Prizes: iTunes Gift Code valued JPY3,000 to the first 80 applicants. (1 iTunes Gift Card per ticket)

How to enter the campaign

< Entry flow >

The booking confirmation email (first email) will be sent after purchasing a ticket at our web site. Please forward the booking confirmation email to tyo_eservice@cathaypacific.com typing 'Online booking campaign' in the subject of the email. The entry will be completed.

  1. The booking confirmation email will be sent immediately after purchasing a ticket at our website.
  2. Type 'Online booking campaign' in the subject of the email.
  3. Forward it to tyo_eservice@cathaypacific.com

< How to notify to the first 80 applicants and send "iTunes Gift Code" >

Cathay Pacific Japan will send an email "iTunes Gift Code" to the first 80 applicants by the beginning of next month after the commencement of their travel.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Passengers who purchased a ticket to Australia or Auckland for departing Japan between 1 October and 31 December 2014 on our web site www.cathaypacific.co.jp/en during the campaign (1 – 30 September, 2014) are eligible to apply for this campaign. Eco-Toku 3 Working Holiday & Study abroad fare, child / infant fare, Asia Miles redemption tickets and package tours are excluded.
  2. First 80 people will be decided in order of the timing of the booking confirmation email (1st email after receiving online booking)  is  forwarded to tyo_eservice@cathaypacific.com by inputting the specified email subject 【Online Booking Campaign】. The campaign will end as soon as the eligible applicants reach 80 even during the campaign period.
  3. Notification will be sent to the eligible applicants by email. We are unable to respond to any queries regarding who is eligible.
  4. The prize (iTunes Gift code valued JPY3,000) will be sent to the registered Email address at the beginning of next month after the commencement of travel.
  5. Registration will become invalid in case booking has been cancelled. In that case, we will transfer the right to the runner-up.
  6. The booking confirmation email (1st email after receiving online booking) must be forwarded. Specified email subject must be inputted.  Campaign registration with other emails except the booking confirmation email, without specific email subject or with ineligible tickets (e.g. tickets not purchased online at www.cathaypacific.co.jp or ineligible fares) will become invalid.
  7. Apple Inc. is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.
  8. Cathay Pacific is not responsible for the expenses and problems caused by usage of ‘iTunes Gift Code’.
  9. The offer cannot be transferred, redeemed, exchanged for cash, credit or any other item with Cathay Pacific or any other parties including any third parties.
  10. Cathay Pacific Japan office reserves a right to make a judgment whenever cases which are not described in this terms & conditions occur. Cathay Pacific Japan office also reserves a right to terminate the promotion any time without notice.