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Cathay Pacific understands how much our care and support mean to those who have medical needs. As a responsible corporation, Cathay Pacific is always willing to offer these people a helping hand.

Wheelchair Bank

The Cathay Pacific Wheelchair Bank

Set up in 1996 – Cathay Pacific’s 50th anniversary year – the Wheelchair Bank aims to raise funds to purchase specially adapted wheelchairs for children with neuromuscular diseases. To date, more than HK$9.5 million have been donated to the Wheelchair Bank. From 1999 onwards, an average of one month’s proceeds from Cathay Pacific’s “Change for Good” inflight fundraising programme is allocated to the bank each year.

Project Orbis

Since 1989, Cathay Pacific has been a major sponsor of ORBIS which owns the world’s only flying eye hospital. The airline provides free and discounted air travel for ORBIS personnel, enabling eye-care professionals to join the Flying Eye Hospital before it departs to remote places in Africa and developing countries such as China, India and Bangladesh, and to conduct capacity building programme in raising eye-care standard. 

Hong Kong Society for the Blind

Since 2004, Cathay Pacific has been a sponsor of the Hong Kong Society for the Blind which provides comprehensive services for an estimated 75,000 blind and visually impaired people in Hong Kong.

The Sunnyside Club

The Sunnyside Club

Founded in 1987, the Sunnyside Club is a registered charity set up by Cathay Pacific staff.  It concentrates primarily on improving the well-being of mentally and physically challenged children in Hong Kong. The Sunnyside Club’s motto, “We put smiles on faces”, expresses the key aim of the charity effort.


Cathay Pacific has been sponsoring tickets for the Dreamflight organisation to take incurably ill Hong Kong children to enjoy a trip to the United States.

International Abylimpics

Cathay Pacific has been sponsoring tickets of disabled contestants who represent Hong Kong in the International Abylimpics, a skills competition for persons with disabilities held every four years.