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Jun 2014


Elisabeth Harnois’ life hangs in the balance in the premiere of the series’ 14th season

Still on the caseAfter more than a decade on the small screen, crime drama CSI is still going strong..., writes George PalathingalIn the 14 years since it first premiered, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has seen spin-offs, imitators and even its own much-loved cast members come, succeed and go. Yet the original crime series continues to stand strong in the ever-changing landscape of TV – and you don’t need a team of forensic experts to work out why. The latest season begins where the 13th left off, with the team, currently led by Ted Danson’s D.B. Russell, on the trail of a particularly tormenting serial killer. This bad guy has spent way too much time studying 14th-century poet Dante Alighieri’s infamously dark Inferno and, in the tradition of twist-filled, grisly movies such as 1995’s Se7en, he’s picking off victims to represent Dante’s “nine circles of hell”.The killer likes to leave clues and this fuels the tension in the tortuous cat-and-mouse game. To make matters worse, he has also kidnapped CSI team member Morgan Brody (Elisabeth Harnois) as well as Ellie Brass (Teal Redmann) – the estranged but still adored daughter of Las Vegas Police Department captain Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle in his final season after playing the role for 14 years).The episode is, as ever, tightly plotted and directed en route to a powerful resolution with effective surprises along the way. With these continually solid storylines, it’s no wonder that this show has stood the test of time and is already set to return for its 15th season later this year.