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Customer services

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Our customer service professionals are passionate about delivering service that's straight from the heart. From our cabin crews in the air and to those who assist customers on the ground at Hong Kong International Airport, each team works together to provide the world-class customer experience that Cathay Pacific is known for.

Inflight Services

Inflight Services delivers the world's best inflight experience to every customer. By ensuring safety, high quality customer service and operational excellence in the air, our teams play an integra lrole in helping us to maintain our reputation as a world-leading airline.

Careers within Inflight Services are diverse, from the highly personable cabin crew members who act as the face of our brand, to those working behind the scenes to manage functions such as on-board safety, quality control, service development, inflight sales, strategic planning and catering. If you have an airline background and share our passion for delivering a reliable and memorable customer experience, our friendly team is waiting to welcome you on board.

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is a major international transportation hub and the heart of Cathay Pacific's operations. Almost every customer passes through HKIA on his or her journey.

Our talented Customer Service Officers work on the front line to deliver service that's straight from the heart. They're passionate about ensuring that every customer has a great experience while inside the airport – whether they are checking in, relaxing in the lounge or boarding an aircraft. It's a role that is critical to the reputation of airline and its future success at HKIA.

If you're someone who takes pride in helping customers and effectively solving problems under pressure, you could have an exciting and fulfilling career at HKIA. You'll enjoy flexible working hours and thrive in a fun and highly supportive team environment where people feel respected and are assisted to overcome challenges. If you have great team spirit and leadership potential, you could also benefit from opportunities to progress into managerial roles.

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