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Using CARES in-flight

CARES, an Aviation Child Safety Restraint Device, is a harness type safety device that has been approved for use in-flight by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). CARES uses an additional belt with a shoulder harness that goes around the back of the seat, which attaches to the passenger lap belt to provide restraint for the upper part of the body. As an alternative to a car seat, CARES harness must be used to secure an infant/ child passenger during taxiing, take-off, landing, and when the seat belt sign is “on”. The harness is recommended to be used in-flight even when the seatbelt sign is “off”.

More information on CARES is available at www.kidsflysafe.com

Acceptance of CARES

Acceptance of CARES:

  • The CARES harness is to be provided by the parent / travelling companion. The parent / travelling companion must purchase a separate seat for the infant/child using CARES harness. The applicable child fare will be charged.
  • CARES harness can only be used by an infant/child passenger who is able to sit upright unsupported on a forward-facing seat and is not taller than 1 metre (40 in) and weighs no more than 10 to 20 kg (22 to 44 lbs).
Acceptance of CARES
  • Correct use of CARES harness on board is solely the responsibility of the accompanied parent / travelling companion. The parent / travelling companion is responsible for ensuring that:
    • The infant/child passenger does not exceed the weight or height limit.
    • The CARES harness functions normally.
    • The CARES harness is properly installed on the aircraft seat, as per manufacturer’s instructions.
    • The infant/child passenger is secured on the seat, as per manufacturer’s instructions.

  • The CARES harness must have the correct FAA label attached and be checked by our staff.
  • The parent / travelling companion must inform reservations staff during booking, and ground staff during check-In that they wish to use the CARES harness to secure their infant/child.
  • CARES harness can only be used on Premium Economy Class seats in all available aircraft, and Economy Class seats without an airbag seat belt equipped in the following aircraft types:
    • 747-400
    • A330-300 (where new Economy class seats or regional product are fitted)
    • B777-300ER* (where new Economy class seats are fitted)
    • 777-300
    • 777-200
    *Except a few of the special seats on B777-300ER. Please check with your local Reservations Office for details.

  • CARES harness is not to be used or installed on seats in exit rows.
  • If the infant/child passenger is carried on the parent’s / travelling companion’s lap, CARES harness must not be used. Passenger will be provided with a Cathay Pacific Child Restraint Device (CRD) for use.
  • For details, please check with your local Reservations Office or travel agent.